Bush Back In Office?

Not, George.....

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, a Republican figure equally well-respected for his administrative skills as for his ardent pro-life reputation, has told Politico that he is considering running for a Senate seat.

Murmurs as to the former governor's plans arose after Republican Mel Martinez, who currently holds the Florida Senate position, announced Tuesday that he would not seek reelection in 2010. Bush had returned to the private sector in 2007 after two successful terms at the state’s helm. He left the office of governor with a startling 63% approval rate in a state largely populated by Democrats.

While his Presidentail brother is a Methodist, Gov. Bush is a devout Catholic. As such he is also very much pro-life. He has earned the loyalty of pro-life advocates in his state and across the nation by mounting fights for the sanctity of all life in both the courtroom and the legislature.

Perhaps the most famous pro-life rallying point in Bush's career was his leadership in the fight to save the life of Terri Schiavo. The governor spearheaded the "Terri's Law" legislation that would have saved Schiavo from starvation by removal of her feeding tube. He continued to fight for her life after Florida courts deemed the law unconstitutional.

He would make a great Senator and (who knows?) we may just see Bush #3 in the White House.....

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