From Mumbai to Minneapolis

By Douglas J. Hagmann

I hope everyone takes a really deep, hard look at what happened last week in Mumbai, India, and at the terrorists who perpetrated the attack. And I hope this is done quickly, with a high degree of intellectual honesty and without the encumbrance of political correctness. The safety of every American, Canadian, Australian, and all Westerners, in fact depends on it, as does the security of our respective nations.

If recent history provides us any insight, however, we will fall woefully short in our official analysis of this event, and fail to learn the lessons of Mumbai. We’ve already demonstrated this pattern of failure in the many instances since 2001. Although there is enough blame to go around, I will place special blame squarely at the feet of a select few: members within our current administration, who have succumbed to the pressures and influences of such special interest groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations to needlessly convolute the facts about Islamic terrorism; the corporate media, for their failure to call an Islamic terrorist an Islamic terrorist; some nationally syndicated political right-wing talk radio show hosts who have a platform and vast audience, but fail to use their programs to provide you with the whole truth, and many of you, who strive to be so liberal and open minded that quite simply, your brains spill to the floor.

Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn wrote last Friday that Mumbai could happen just about anywhere. He’s correct, and be forewarned, it will happen in America. It will happen in Canada. It will happen in Australia and just about any Western country you can name.

I have the ability, authority and have earned the right to make such a statement because I’ve personally investigated potential terrorists who are in this country that appear to be training for just such scenarios. I’ve published my investigative findings, complete with photographs, only to be called an alarmist, racist, bigoted, and religiously intolerant. I’ve seen my findings skewed by the media, who complain that they cannot find corroborating witnesses as they point cameras and shine lights on sources that fear for their safety. And I've garnered the wrath of a top Pakistani terror kingpin for exposing the activities of his followers here in the U.S. and Canada.

My investigative findings into one such Pakistani terrorist group, (Pakistan now suddenly being important, considering all of the dead bodies in Mumbai) Jamaat ul Fuqra, have been cited by the Regional Organized Crime Information Center in their 2006 special research report. Prolific author and researcher of Islamic terrorism, Dr. Paul Williams, devoted nearly an entire chapter to my findings in his recent book The Day of Islam.

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