Radio Waves: A Broadcast Bailout?

Where is the bailout money for radio stations? It seems to be in the form of unemployment checks for those that attempt to make a living in the industry.

Sadly, I seem to have started a trend when got the boot from WORD FM. Everyday I hear of more painful changes.

Five employees at CBS Radio Pittsburgh lost their jobs, including longtime B94 program director Ryan Mill. Mill served 15 years at CBS. B94’s general sales manager Mike Vennare, Star 100.7’s general sales manager Mike Sherry, Star 100.7’s promotions director Brandon Davis and administrative assistant Lisa Sawich also are out of jobs. They have one person overseeing sales at Y-108, B94 and Star. Will the last person in radio turn out the lights?

In other radio news, look for some on air changes coming soon to WORD FM. That's all I can say for now (No, It does not include me)

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