House Republicans Tell Bush: No Bailout for Detroit

From the story: In letters sent from both House and Senate Republicans, President Bush has been warned not to give funds that Congress expressly appropriated for "financial institutions" to Detroit automakers.

The House letter also suggested such a move by Bush may be illegal and unconstitutional, noting that only Congress has the right to appropriate taxpayer funds.

Bush faces a growing phalanx of conservative foes who staunchly oppose any use of federal bailout funds to help car manufacturers unless the United Auto Workers (UAW) union offers more concessions. Read more....

The fact that these few House Republicans have to remind the president, and by extension, the news media and public, that it is not the job of government to ensure the success of every business in the U.S., speaks volumes for the need of a remedial class in Constitutional Government.

Try justifying a taxpayer-paid bailout for a worker averaging $40 per hour plus benefits to a waitress in Kansas City.

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