Paranoia Runs Deep, Into Your Life It Will Creep….

My apologies to fans of the old Buffalo Springfield song, but how is it that the controversy over a supposed Obama / Blagojevich meeting about filling his vacated Senate seat has suddenly caused month-old news reports to “disappear”?

Example 1: (WND) The report [detailing the meeting] by KHQA-TV's Carol Sowers was posted on the website of the Quincy, Ill., station. The article said "one of Obama's first priorities" on the day after his election was a meeting with Blagojevich planned that afternoon to discuss the Senate seat.

A story by the Quincy station later that week indicated the meeting took place. The station removed the links to the archived stories today, however, and posted an explanation after they were circulated on Internet blogs…

So let’s see, a news source now claims that they miss-reported a supposed meeting between Obama and Blagojevich in two separate reports???

Example 2: The archived Google cache of the above stories were suddenly removed yesterday by Google. Google cache usually lasts for months!

Example 3: Below is a video of Obama senior adviser David Axelrod on Fox News claiming that Obama and Blagojevich did meet to discuss Obama’s Senate replacement. Click on the video and see what happens.

The Main Stream Media is falling over itself claiming that Obama is not involved in this scandal. Howard Fineman of Newsweek took this claim to incredulous heights. Fineman claims that “Obama is hermetically sealed off from Chicago corruption”. Howard, who told you this, how would you know?

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