The Assumption: The Loveliest of Feasts

GK Chesterton said: "I love my religion and I love especially those parts of it which are generally held to be most superstitious." Many suspect that the Assumption of Our Lady is one of those superstitious aspects - despite the fact that the observance of this feast day is universal in both eastern and western churches.
The Assumption is not mentioned in the New Testament but there are many references to it in the so-called apocryphal gospels. For example, in an early Coptic text attributed to Evodius, described as first Bishop of Antioch and said to have been among the 72 disciples who followed Christ with St Peter, there is the following account.
"The chariot of the cherubim appeared with the Virgin seated in it. There were greetings. Jesus bade the apostles go and preach in all the world. He spent all that day with us and his Mother and gave us the salutation of peace and went up to heaven in glory. Such was the death of the Virgin on 21st of the month Tobi and her Assumption on 16th of the month Mesore. I, Evodius, saw it all."
Photo: A mural behind the altar of Assumption Church in Bellevue depicts the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Anonymous said...

Its the Assumption of Mary mentioned in the Bible in the book of Genesis? Non-Catholics argue this point with Catholics all of the time, its not in the bible, its not true.

Shaun Pierce said...

Your question is answered in the article but let me explain.

The Assumption is not mentioned in the New Testament but there are many references to it in the apocryphal gospels.

Therefore it IS in the Bible unless of course you choose to removed that part.

The words Trinity, Divinity, Incarnation & Rapture are not found in the Bible, but I don't think we must discard them.

Remember, the Word of God is not confined to the printed page. It is also is held in the tradition and Magisterium of the Church.

Without that, it's like have a piece of a map. It will only get you so far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your answer, Shaun. I was right in assuming that the Assumption is mentioned in the Book of Genesis then. You are right about the words Trinity, Divinity and Incarnation not being mentioned either, yet we as christians all believe that to be true.