Bend Over: Convention center wants another $2 million subsidy

From the story: Local leaders once again are looking to taxpayers to foot the bill for chronic operating deficits at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

For the third straight year, the Pittsburgh-Allegheny County Sports & Exhibition Authority is requesting $2 million in Allegheny Regional Asset District funding to cover the shortfalls in 2009.

That request came even though the authority in July began receiving state gambling revenues intended to cover the deficit. But Executive Director Mary Conturo said those amounts fall short of what is needed.

TOUGH!!! If you can't run a brand new state if the art facility without losing money then we have a management problem. Close the doors. Sell the place. Make it a homeless shelter for all I care ,but don't ask me for another dime so these yahoo's can continue to build their own personal utopia.


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