McCain/Obama Grapple Over Russian-Georgian War

The Obama campaign has called for Georgia and Russia to each exercise restraint, perhaps giving us a glimpse into the moral equivalency and over-reaching attempts at objectivity and fairness that an Obama Administration will bring to foreign affairs. The McCain campaign hit back hard and accurately at the statement issued by Obama’s spokesperson.

In retaliation, Obama’s campaign is alleging that McCain’s stance reflects the influence of one of his top foreign policy advisors who acted as a lobbyist for Georgia. Read the McCain Report’s article here.

This demonstrates a remarkable lack of respect for opposite viewpoints. Apparently not understanding that someone can have a different view point besides moral relativity on the Russian-Georgian conflict, the Obama campaign ties McCain’s viewpoint to former Georgian lobbyists.

Either the Obama campaign is so convinced that the opinion of McCain (and those who agree with him) is so illogical that it can only be attributed to foreign subversion, or they are so desperate to score political points that they’re willing to overlook the victimization of Georgia. Either is disgraceful

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