McCain’s PA Campaign Manager Likes Meehan and Corbett For Governor, Questions Toomey’s Appeal

John McCain’s Pennsylvania Campaign Manager, Bob Asher, was asked by the Philadelphia Bulletin regarding his take on the upcoming 2010 Pennsylvania governor race. His response:

"I look forward to 2010. We have a great candidate for governor right here - (former U.S. Attorney) Pat Meehan. He would be excellent. If (Pennsylvania Attorney General) Tom Corbett decides he wants to run, he's another good candidate. Whether (former Senate candidate) Pat Toomey runs or not, I don't know. He's made noise about it, but I'm not sure he appeals enough to mainstream voters. But he certainly has a place in the party. All voices have a place in the GOP, and always have. That's why I loved it when we had both Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter as senators. It was a big tent, and sometimes you agree with one, and other times with the other, but they did a good job." Full Interview

It would be telling to have Mr. Asher define what constitutes the beliefs of the “mainstream voters”. Eastern and Western Pennsylvania may be 300 miles apart, but philosophically, the chasm is greater regarding conservative beliefs.

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