RI bishop wants US to halt mass immigration raids

Rhode Island's Roman Catholic bishop is calling on U.S. authorities to halt mass immigration raids and says agents who refuse to participate in such raids on moral grounds deserve to be treated as conscientious objectors.

With all due respect to the Bishop, agents who refuse to do the job they were hired to do should be FIRED as conscientious objectors.

Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin asked for a blanket moratorium on immigration raids in Rhode Island until the nation adopts comprehensive immigration reform. Tobin made the requests in a letter sent Tuesday to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Boston.

Imagine of the Federal government sending a letter asking Catholic priests to stop preaching until the whole Catholic -protestant debate was settled. How would that sit with Bishop Tobin?

Tobin's action comes during a heated debate over illegal immigration in heavily Catholic Rhode Island. Authorities recently raided six courthouses looking for illegal immigrant maintenance workers and Gov. Don Carcieri, himself a Catholic, signed an order requiring state police and prison officials to identify illegal immigrants for possible deportation.

"We believe that raids on the immigrant community are unjust, unnecessary, and counterproductive," the bishop's letter says. It urges individual federal agents to consider the morality of their actions and refuse to participate if their conscience dictates.

These are not raids on the "immigrant community". They are raids on criminals who broke the law. They cheated theior way in to this country. To call law enforcement officers immoral is just wrong. To make faithful Catholics choose between an honorable job and their faith is uncalled for.

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