McCain Reassures GOP Voters

From the story: YORK -- Conservative voters' anxiety over John McCain was made plain here Tuesday, when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was accused of forsaking traditional GOP principles.

"We conservatives believe that you dismissed our serious quest for responsible, limited government," said a woman at the town hall-style meeting at the York Expo Center.

"As a senator, I understand that you have had to adopt a compromising stance with the Democrats to get legislation passed," she said. "But in your quest for the presidency, we want to know if it is in you to become a passionate and forceful leader with a conservative agenda to fight the lure of socialistic programs promoted by Senator (Barack) Obama?"

McCain's one-word response -- "Yes" -- brought a roar of applause from a crowd estimated at nearly 3,000. Read more..

Well, let’s hope so. One of the least compelling reasons for voting for someone is the “he is not as bad as the other guy” attitude. This attitude spills over into the make-or-break activity among political activists. “Yes, I’ll vote for him, but going door-to-door, manning phone banks, or placing a sign in my yard, forget it!”

Conservatives have been burned in Pennsylvania. The sting of having a conservative pro-life Pennsylvania senator doing primary endorsements of several pro-abortion congressional candidates and one U.S. senate candidate over their respective pro-life challengers is still felt.

McCain needs to go to the mat for a conservative cause. Yes, he’s pro-life, but is he willing to limit his candidate endorsements to pro-life candidates, or his V.P. pick to pro-life candidate?

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