Tentative $10M settlement in KC church abuse cases

The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kansas City and St. Joseph says a tentative $10 million deal has been reached to settle 47 sexual abuse claims against a dozen clergy or former clergy.

Bishop Robert W. Finn tells priests in a letter released late Tuesday night that the agreement is subject to his approval after he consults with two diocese boards.
Attorneys for the plaintiffs say the nonmonetary conditions included in the proposed settlement are more important than the money.


Anonymous said...

If money doesn't mean anything to people in these abuse cases why do they go for millions of dollars.

I'm not saying a lot of abuse didn't occur, I'm just shocked at the amount of people who stepped forward after 10, 20 and even 30 years once millions of dollars appeared.

Shaun Pierce said...

Money is the universal penelty and reward system.