Abortion Practitioner Tells Michigan Medical Students He Has "License to Lie"

(LifeNews.com) A video of an abortion practitioner is making its way across the Internet featuring a November appearance by Alberto Hodari at Wayne State University in Michigan. The campus pro-abortion organization invited him to speak and Hodari tells them his status as an abortion practitioner gives him license to lie to women.

Hodari also spoke about how little he washed between abortions because it chafed his hands, even though his doing so puts women's health at risk.

Several women have died while getting abortions with Hodari, and yet the Michigan board of health has never investigated him," [SFLA director Kristan Hawkins] said. "How many women have to die before the bureaucrats start telling Hodari to wash his hands and tell patients the truth." Read more...

How is it that restaurants can be fined for employees not washing their hands, and abortion providers get a pass for this and other unsanitary conditions?

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