The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom

Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out against the climate change prophets of doom, warning them that any solutions to global warming must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology.

He knows infallible and this is not it!

The leader of more than a billion Roman Catholics said that fears over man-made emissions melting the ice caps and causing a wave of unprecedented disasters were nothing more than scare-mongering. While some concerns may be valid it was vital that the international community based its policies on science rather than the dogma of the environmentalist movement.

Man I like this guy!

His remarks will be made in his annual message for World Peace Day on January 1, but they were released as delegates from all over the world convened on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali for UN climate change talks.

The Pope said: "Humanity today is rightly concerned about the ecological balance of tomorrow," he said in the message entitled "The Human Family, A Community of Peace".

"It is important for assessments in this regard to be carried out prudently, in dialogue with experts and people of wisdom, uninhibited by ideological pressure to draw hasty conclusions, and above all with the aim of reaching agreement on a model of sustainable development capable of ensuring the well-being of all while respecting environmental balances."

In the spring, the Vatican hosted a conference on climate change that was welcomed by environmentalists.
But senior cardinals close to the Vatican have since expressed doubts about the movement .

In October, the Australian Cardinal George Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney, caused an outcry when he noted that the atmospheric temperature of Mars had risen by 0.5 degrees celsius.

The doomsayers have all gathered on a tropical island to talk about global warming. Give me a break! (and a Pina' Colda while you are at it)


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