"Buy me some peanuts and growth hormone, I don't care cause Boston's my home..."

It's all over the news. The dreaded "list" of names. Let me first say that I categorically deny that I have ever used any performance enhancing drugs in the publication of this blog.

There are a couple of odd statements from the former Democrat George Mitchell, including this one: "The players' union was largely uncooperative for reasons that I thought were largely understandable.” (FOX News) Huh? It's understandable that the union would want to obstruct an investigation into cheating in professional sports?

He also said punishment was inappropriate in all but the most egregious cases. Then why spend 20 months on this. Is justice not part of the solution. Thankfully Commissioner Bud Selig said decisions on any action would come "swiftly" on a case-by-case basis.

The odd potential conflict here is Mitchell is employed by the Boston Red Sox. There are no Red Sox on his list. Things that make you go humm.....

And now, the naughty list: (AP)

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