Pope Scares al Qaeda

The Vatican on has rejected condemnation by al Qaeda of a historic meeting between Pope Benedict and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, saying the militants were afraid of inter-religious dialogue.

Al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, referred to Benedict as a Pontiff who had "insulted Islam and Muslims" and criticized King Abdullah's meeting with him last month.

These guys are offended by a cartoon. I can only imagine how the leader of a billion Christians must tie a knot in thier panties.

Zawahri has previously denounced the Pope for a speech he made last year at a university in his native Germany, when the Pontiff used a quote that associated Islam with violence.

Quote aside, do you think maybe beheading people on TV, flying airplanes into buildings and convincing people to blow themself in the name of some false God might result in Islam being associated with violence?

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Zawahri's video-taped comments, posted on the Internet on Sunday, showed al Qaeda's was worried about the implications of the meeting - the first between a Pope and a Saudi monarch.


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