And now, divorce is a trip to the park. From the story: Smith, Boyle and their two lawyers arranged for their two kids, now 11 and 7, to split time with their parents, who live in neighboring Boston suburbs. "We both liked both lawyers," Smith said. "As a group, we had some laughs together, and that made it nicer."

Awwww, how cute. It's always nice when lives can be dismantled in a loving manor. Are these people nuts???? First, they are both lie. They vowed "till death do us part" and as far as I can tell, they are both still breathing. They put there own selfish wants in ahead of their kids who now will live between two homes. But as long as they are happy for the moment and can fool themselves into thinking that a marriage can be dissolved, let the good times roll. I hope their kids are smarter.

Denver Post

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