One of the principal reasons Port Authority drivers have the highest cost-of-living adjusted wage rates in the country and one of the most generous retiree packages to be found is their right to strike. They have been given the right to hold riders hostage in exchange for whatever they want.

The right to strike creates an enormous imbalance of power in contract negotiations that in turn enables the unions to extract well above market pay and benefits. Because many residents and businesses depend heavily on mass transit to get people to their jobs and many residents depend on transit for basic transportation needs, a strike-caused shut down of service results in substantial economic hardships. Thus, transit agencies are very reluctant to force bargaining issues to the point of a strike. Continue

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Anonymous said...

How right you are, I feel that transit works should not be allowed to strike, it leaves people that rely on public transportation stranded, plus all of the extra vehicles on the roads creates a hazard for any emergency vehicle that may have to get through rush hour traffic, I say striking should be illegal.