Are Pro-Lifers the Ugly Stepsisters?

Is it just me, or is the Republican Party treating its Pro-Life constituency as the ugly stepsisters?

With disturbing frequency, PA House members and other party leaders that claim to be Pro-Life, are lining up to do public endorsements of pro-abortion candidates. Just last week, 4 western Pennsylvania “Pro-Life” House members endorsed Mr. Giuliani for president. Remember that this is still the primary, and that there are more than a few Pro-Life candidates for president to choose from.

In a repeat of the Arlen Specter - Pat Toomey primary senate race in Pennsylvania in 2004, supposed Pro-Life office holders are doing primary endorsements of pro-abortion candidates over Pro-Life candidates.

Despite the damage they have done to the Pro-Life cause, these same elected House members and party leaders will clamor for the Pro-Life endorsement from the Pro-Life groups come election time. Despite the fact that these folks have used their elected position to publicly endorse pro-abortion candidates over pro-life candidates, they still feel that the Pro-Life groups owe them an endorsement!

I can’t think of any other constituency that is treated this badly within the Republican Party. Just as the ugly stepsisters are called upon do all the work, but be hidden from public view, the Pro-Life constituency is called upon to deliver election victories, but shunned and abused during the endorsement process.

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