Boy Scouts To Be Evicted?

In Philadelphia, the deadline has come and gone for the local Cradle of Liberty Council to either evacuate its headquarters or disown the organization's long-standing position on homosexuality.
Mark Chilutti, a member of the Council's executive board, vowed to ingnore the deadline. Doing so puts the Boy Scouts in danger of losing the property that they've occupied for nearly 80 years.
If the city solicitor carries through with his threat, the Council will be cast out of their building or forced to come up with $200,000 in rent for facilities they currently lease for $1 a year.

As one of the nation's most storied Boy Scout programs, serving over 64,000 young men a year, surely there are more important priorities for a city like Philadelphia with such high crime and delinquency rates than bullying a program that directly combats these problems. The irony shouldn't be lost on anyone that lives or works miles from Independence Hall--the oppression of free speech and association goes on.

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