Tax Parents for Children's Carbon Emissions

( - Having babies is bad for the planet, and parents of more than two children should be charged a birth levy and annual tax to offset the "greenhouse gases" their child will be responsible for over his or her lifetime.

At the same time, those who use and prescribe contraceptives and sterilization procedures should earn tax relief for such greenhouse friendly services that help to keep the population size down. These proposals, by an Australian academic, were published in the country's leading medical journal on Monday. Read more…

I was in 7th grade for the first Earth Day in 1970. Then, we were told that we would run out of fossil fuels within 20 years. We were told that population growth would outstrip the planet’s ability to grow food by the year 2000. And yes, by the late 70’s, we were also told that the earth was cooling.

What is the difference thirty-seven years later? Now global warming is the new Pantheism and is used to push new taxes on everything from procreation to breathing.

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