Rendell Renews Push for Gun Control

In what may be a coordinated move between the governor and the Pennsylvania House Black Caucus, Governor Rendell will attend a rally in Harrisburg hosted by Cease Fire on Monday to push for more gun control.

Last Wednesday, more than a dozen members of the House Black Caucus walked out of the House while it was in session. This effectively shut down the House. With the Black Caucus members not present, the Democrats went from a one-vote majority to about a 17 vote minority, and hence, did not want to conduct any business.

At the House Judicial Committee meeting last month, Governor Rendell made an emotional plea for more gun control, claiming that existing laws are fully being enforced and that more laws are needed. Despite the governor’s appearance and having a 4-vote Democrat majority on the Committee, two bills were defeated and a third bill was tabled.

State Rep. Metcalfe researched the enforcement issue, and found that in Pennsylvania, more than half of all people convicted of making “straw purchases” (people who purchase guns specifically to forward to people who cannot legally own or purchase guns) are only given probation. (Full disclosure – I volunteer for Rep. Metcalfe)

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