What Do You Belive In?

Do you belive in Santa Claus? How about ghosts, UFO's, God?

A survey by Harris Online showed 82 per cent of adult Americans believed in God and a slightly smaller percentage - 79 per cent - believed in miracles. More than 70 per cent of the 2455 adults surveyed said they believed in heaven and angels, while more than six in 10 said they believed in hell and the devil.

Almost equal numbers said they believe in Darwin's theory of evolution (42 per cent) - the belief that populations evolve over time through natural selection - and creationism (39 per cent) - the theory that God created humankind.

Seventy per cent of Americans said they were very (21 pe rcent) or somewhat (49 per cent) religious, while around one-third of those polled also said they believe in UFOs, witches and astrology.

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