Bill Nye and the Science of Restraining Orders

Do you know who Bill Nye is? He is the science guy who hosted the educational Public Broadcasting Service series "Bill Nye, the Science Guy".

He hit the news this week after seeking a permanent restraining order against Blair Tindall, alleging she tried to poison his vegetable garden. I first met Bill years ago will working at Disney.

Ok so it's another marriage gone bad and those involved lose their mind. But it's gets even stranger. Nye identified Tindall as his ex-fiancee. But the two announced in February 2006 that they were married by none other than the Rick Warren, pastor and author of "The Purpose-Driven Life." People attended, there is a videotape of it, they said I do and Pastor Ricky announced them as man & wife. So what this "we're not really married" stuff?

All I can find is at some point they found out their marriage license was "invalid." On the court papers Bill Nye was not even sure of Tindall's birthdate. Usually a claim of a "non valid" marriage means the certificate was never filed with the state. It's the responsibility of the presider (in this case Rick Warren) to file the paperwork. Unless of course Rick Warren isn't really a pastor and therefore does not have the authority to marry couples. Hhumm?


Anonymous said...

If what she says is true, maybe if he hadn't been such a giant jerk he'd still have those blooming American Beauties, LOL! Talk about the boyfriend from h***!

Anonymous said...

I read the Smoking Gun article posted in the previous comment, and really didn't see where Nye was "the boyfriend from hell". After marrying someone in what MY opinion was "way to fast", he asked her to leave their jointly owned home when he found their marraige was not valid. They got married at an EXTREMELY conservative church, which would lead me to believe that Nye probably didn't want to "live in sin" with someone. As for the ownership of the home, not only did she leave, but filed a quit-claim. It's not Nye's fault that when she went to go buy a home the quit-claim had been denied- in fact, Tindall should have REALLY been on top of that as it DRAMATICLY effects her credit. Sounds to me like Tindall had a minor breakdown. Makes sense, being over 40 for her first marraige, I'm sure the idea of rejection really upset her. That doesn't matter, in the end, she tresspassed (as she had already filed and had the quit-claim corrected) and poured chemicals all over someone's property. Also not Nye's fault. She tweeked, simple as that. It was absolutely an innapropriate action. Additionally, Nye CLEARLY had reason to warmly accept the annulment of their marraige. Perhaps during their INCREADABLY short time living together, he found her words and actions intollerable. She's clearly vindictive, she was probably difficult to live with. A woman that desperate would probably be pretty obnoxious after their marraige annulment, he probably had good reason to place the restraining order on her. Perhaps her dumping poison in his garden was just the legal excuse he needed to be rid of an obnoxious woman. As a woman, HER ACCOUNT makes me embarassed for her! Tweeking out is humiliating.