Clinton's 'Gutsy' Church Appearance Softens Evangelicals

Oh my evangelical friends, are you so easily swayed? Come to think of it, if you weren't you would be Catholic. Anyway.....

Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton made what some called a “gutsy move” this past week when she appeared at an evangelical mecca "The Church of Rick Warren" to talk about AIDS.

Forget about her support for abortion and gay rights, her emphasis on her Christian faith – which she regularly backed with Bible quotations – and concerns for the AIDS pandemic softened some evangelicals’ view of the candidate often painted by conservatives as liberal, calculative and cold.

Clinton shared about her upbringing in the Methodist Church and vowed to spend $50 billion on treatment, prevention and care for global HIV/AIDS by 2013 if she is elected, according to Reuters.

She also promised to “set a goal of ending all deaths from malaria in Africa” – where 1 million die annually from a preventable and treatable disease – by the end of a second term, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The former first lady reportedly won a standing ovation from the audience of over 1,500 Christian pastors, nongovernmental organizations and church members. Clinton was the only one out of six presidential candidates invited to accept Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren’s invitation to appear in person at the summit. All other invited candidates appeared via satellite.

Let me attempt to wake a few of you up. If I put a stethoscope around my neck does it make me a doctor? If I tell you what you want to hear does it make it my true conviction? If you elect Hillary will AIDS and Malaria end in Africa? If you answered NO to all three questions you win!

Hillary is what and who she needs to be at the moment. Let's hop in the PowerBlog! time machine and go back to December of 2004.

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