Hillary Exposed

Hillary Uncensored, a new documentary film, is about Hillary Clinton's largest donor, Peter Paul, who hosted and paid for a $1.6 million star-studded gala for Hillary's Senate campaign. The event became the focus of an FEC investigation where it was found that Clinton's campaign under-reported contributions.

Hillary Uncensored, chronicles Hillary Clinton's political life using exclusive home videos, photos, letters, legal filings and expert witnesses. Above is a 13-minute unedited trailer for the documentary. Guess who makes an appearance in the video.... Gov. Ed Rendell!

The video uses public documents to show how Hillary Clinton used her husband and President of the U.S., the Chairman of the DNC, a White House staff assistant, a former strip club owner and her national campaign finance director, as her agents to illegally solicit and coordinate more than $1.2 million from her largest donor, Peter Paul.

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