Planned Parenthood ‘Welcomes Casey Home'

(Hat tip to Grassroots PA) An email sent by the Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates Action Center, urges their contacts to "Welcome Casey Home" for his support of family planning programs. This email was in response to the recent Focus on the Family/ PFI newspaper ad asking Senator Casey to Return home to his Pro-Life Roots. The Planned Parenthood email states:

We here at Planned Parenthood say:
Senator Casey, you ARE home, and thank you for your support of family planning!

Senator Casey is our first junior US Senator in 12 years to support family planning programs! Don’t let this attack go unanswered!

Please take a moment now to call one of Senator Casey’s offices just to say THANK YOU for supporting family planning funding and programs. Read more....

This is certainly telling, will Casey distance himself from this group?

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