Planned Parenthood's Abortionist Child Ponographer

In a courtroom in Oregon, a former Planned Parenthood abortionist pled guilty to charges that he advertised and engaged in child pornography.

Abortionist George Kabacy, who for the last several years has resided in Washington state, faces anywhere from five to 10 years in prison for possessing over 8,000 sexual images of children on his home computer.

Kabacy's trial is one of many ongoing investigations with ties to Planned Parenthood, including high-profile probes in Kansas, Connecticut, Ohio, and California. Many involve a string of alleged sexual abuse and statutory rape cover-ups by Planned Parenthood clinic workers.

In Kansas, former attorney general Phill Kline has filed over 100 criminal charges against one abortion center in the month of November alone, many of them involving performance of illegal abortions and falsification of reports.

For too long, our nation has allowed Planned Parenthood to be a silent partner in the abuse of children and we have used federal funds to support it. Attorneys general and district attorneys should move quickly to launch their own inquiries into local Planned Parenthood branches and put violators out of business once and for all.

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