Blogging for Trouble

I'm branching out these days. That means I'm up to my eyeballs with work. But since someone has to do it, I thought I would share the fruits of my labor with anyone who might be interested.

There is a new blog that is in it's infancy called Battle for Integrity. It designed to help men be better husbands, fathers and Christians. As part an outreach project of the Catholic Men's Fellowship of Pittsburgh the blog is focused on helping combat the effects of pornography. I'm looking forward to contributing to this project and seeing it develop into a national resource that can equip men in the struggles they face.

Also, we recently launched a new and improved website over at WORDFM.COM We are now doing live streaming and we have and section for the John & Stephanie Show. Included in that section is a blog. John & Stephanie have graciously allowed me to post there. So from time to time you might see a Powerball post appear. Like this one. They are also being syndicated on

Happy reading!

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