Study: Abortion Fueling Cancer Epidemic

(Newsmax) Having an abortion raises a woman’s risk of breast cancer by at least 30 percent, and is fueling an “epidemic” of the often fatal disease, according to British researchers. According to a new study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, young women who had an abortion before having a child are at the greatest risk for developing breast cancer.

The study’s lead author Patrick Carroll calls abortion the single “best predictor” of breast cancer trends.

“An abortion in a young woman who has never had a child has a carcinogenic effect because it leaves breast cells in a state of interrupted hormonal development in which they are more susceptible,” says Carroll, director of research at PAPRI (Pension and Population Research Institute) in London. Read more….

I'm sure that Planned Parenthood will post warnings in their facilities....

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Anonymous said...

If a woman has a miscarriage it causes a disruption in breast hormones too, so it would be hard to blame it all on abortions, and I'm not in favor of abortions by no means but I just question the miscarriage issue.