Wolf Comes To Town: Benny Hinn Comes to Pittsburgh

The circus is in town! Benny Hinn comes to the Pittsburgh convention center for the next few days. Hinn makes his visit in the wake of an ongoing Senate investigation into his ministry finances. The investigation is being headed by Sen. Charles Grassley.

I've heard many commentators who I greatly respect come out and chide Grassley for this government intrusion into the church. I disagree. The investigation is not about any church, rather it seeks to discover if these so called ministries rightfully deserve the tax exempt status that often funds lavish lifestyles.

Getting back to Hinn, I would hope that people would stay away from this guy. He preys on the weak. I happened to see him on TV this morning with other "pastors" who preached a false gospel of prosperity. Steve Munsey, who I written about before was on stage with Hinn. Steve has done fund raising for Cornerstone TV in the past and his words then we are wrong as they are today. In my opinion this man is not of God. He has 10,000 people in his church that is run by his family and I think he is leading thousands of people astray.

On the other side of Hinn stood John Francis. His watch and ring clearly visible and dripping with diamonds on my TV screen. I don't know much about Francis. He claims the title of bishop. But if he is partnered with the likes of Hinn, I would advise anyone to run the other way.

A few years ago I learned of a woman who stopped he cancer treatment after attending a Benny Hinn event. Hinn told her she was cured. She believed every word and pushed away her doctors and medical treatment. She died some months later after he cancer went untreated.

If Benny Hinn really has the power to heal, then I invite him to stop by Children's Hospital and empty them out.


Anonymous said...

why is it that no one makes a big deal out of this wolf in sheeps clothing? The Catholic church is put under the microscope for everything while frauds like this get dismissed.

The Unseen One said...

Within Evangelical / Fundamentalist circles, he is VERY strongly criticized.

Anonymous said...

Benny won't darken the door of a hospital because he knows that he is a total and complete fraud! Benny is a pimp for his "jesus"! (not the real one mind you, but his "jesus")