Commercials Driving Catholics Back into the Pews

Catholics Come Home Inc., an independent, non-profit is the group behind the current TV advertising campaign that is contributing to thousands of lapsed Catholics returning to the active practice of their faith. The commercials direct the viewer to the website to explore answers to questions of faith, and to utilize the site's parish-finder feature to locate their local parish community.

The campaign originally aired in the initial test markets of Phoenix, AZ and Lexington, KY, where after a three week campaign more that six thousand lapsed Catholics found their way back to the Catholic Church. 3.5 Million people (99%) within Phoenix and Northern Arizona saw the commercials, 14 times per person, during the three weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

Tom Peterson, CCH Founder and President informed that the ads are slated to air in major US markets this year, including Atlanta, Chicago, Corpus Christi, Colorado Springs, Lincoln, and eventually on National networks and possibly even the Super Bowl.

See the ads for yourself

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