Main Stream Media Disconnect

As the main stream media were coming unglued last week over Sarah Palin, Eleanor Clift of Newsweek either inadvertently stated the truth, showing how out of touch newsrooms all over the county are to the values of America, or resorted to an adolescent comeback after being caught in an apparent “untruth”.

According to Eleanor Clift, the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s V.P. pick generated "literal laughter in many places" around the country. When asked where, Ms. Clift stated, "In very many newsrooms."


Which newsroom Eleanor? Since the question was never answered, I will assume that you are telling the truth and that the laughter must have emanated from the newsrooms at Newsweek.

Since the beginning of this year, newsrooms around the country have reduced their employment force by over 4,500. I would respectfully suggest that there is not much laughter to be found in most newsrooms, much less over this V.P. pick.

Never the less, I will take you at your word. On Wednesday of last week, I left phone messages for you, the office of your managing editor, Ann L. McDaniel, and a separate email for Newsweek’s Editor, Mr. Jon Meacham, each asking for a return call. In each message, I asked which newsrooms you were referring to in your quote, along with cancelling my subscription to Newsweek.

Needless to say, as of a week later, there has been no response from anyone at Newsweek.

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