YouTube Censorship

First, YouTube yanked videos in which representatives from Planned Parenthood were taped accepting racist donations that were specifically earmarked for abortions of minorities.

Next, YouTube blocked a pro-life post from the Kansas Coalition for Life that detailed Obama's unconditional support of abortion--including partial-birth abortion.

Now, YouTube has yanked NBC’s Palin “incest” skit from Saturday Night Live.

From the story: YouTube has pulled from its website a video of a "Saturday Night Live" skit featuring characters portraying New York Times reporters investigating whether Todd Palin was having sex with the couple's own daughters after NBC expressed a claim of copyright, even though a wide range of other "SNL" clips remain available.

But trying to prevent the clip from being replayed wasn't protecting the program and network today from the wrath of viewers, bloggers and radio talk show hosts who believe the "joke" simply went too far. Read more…

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