Sarah Palin is Truly Pro-Life, Daughter Bristol has Made the Right Choice

After the surprising announcement that Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, had been chosen by Senator John McCain to be the Republican candidate for the Vice Presidency, the internet was immediately filled with efforts to discredit her.Frankly it was a show of everything that is wrong with the political machine of the so called “pro-choice” wing of the Democratic Party. Sadly, it also included those within the growing numbers of “pro-choice” Republicans.
The attacks were so petty as to point to her “big hair” in an effort to demean her appearance. They revealed her honest acknowledgement of her youthful indiscretions such as smoking pot. She, unlike Bill Clinton, admitted it. Like me and most of us who grew up around the same time,she really did inhale and her honesty about it is an asset. All these folks who are attacking her in an effort to undermine the excitement that her choice has generated only care about protecting the so-called right to “choose”, which actually means the “right” to kill an innocent child in the first home of the whole human race, their mothers womb.

Now, the news has emerged that Sarah and Todd’s seventeen year old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant with her own child. Yes, pregnant outside of marriage. Well, I understand what they are going through. Having raised five children, including three daughters,it does happen. We cannot make our children’s choices for them. We can only pray that when one of those choices results in the gift of life out of the ordinary course, they will choose to respect the life of the child conceived. I have lived this as a father, and as a grandfather, and I resent the arrogance of those who now raise it in an effort to discredit Sarah Palin.

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