By Shaun Pierce

I caught Harry Potter interviewing Bill Maher about.... Oh wait. I've just been informed it was not Harry Potter, but Rachel Maddow who has the new show on MSNBC.

My sincere apologies to Harry.

Anyway... Maher was asked by Rachel about the upcoming elections and about the democrats shift now in favor of off shore drilling.

Because we are so stupid as to believe that increasing the oil supply would lower prices, we Americans are "too dumb to be governed," according to Bill Maher.

While I have to agree there are stupid people as evidenced by the folks the give Maher a show, invite him a a guest like he has some valuable knowledge to offer, and shower fame and fortune upon him, even those poor souls are governed.

Note to Mr. Maher It does not take intelligence to be governed. It takes intelligence to recognize two liberal windbags who spew anger and hatred as political insight.

It's mildly entertaining in small doses, but these folks really believe this stuff.

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