NPR Reports: 'Non-Partisan' NOW Endorses Obama

From News Busters: Lazy journalism at NPR typically causes a return to their default position: liberal bias. Such was the case yesterday. In the morning edition, NPR reported on the recent and unsurprising announcement that NOW--the National Organization For Women, an ideological & partisan group--would endorse Barack Obama.

NPR Reports: “Rarely does the National Organization For Women endorse a presidential candidate. On Tuesday, the group announced it is endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Kim Gandy, president of NOW, talks with Renee Montagne about why the organization is endorsing Obama.”

According to NPR, NOW rarely endorses a presidential candidate. If by "rarely" they mean once every 4 years, then, yeah, they rarely endorse a candidate for President. But here's the problem, a cursory search of the internet reveals that earlier this year, when she was still in the running, NOW endorsed Hillary Clinton. In 2004, NOW endorsed John Kerry.

Discovering this information took me about five minutes. Five minutes! Do you think it was laziness on the part of NPR that caused them to present NOW's endorsement in this fashion? Read more….

Only in NPR’s skewed world view, could one ever believe that NOW is a “non-partisan” organization. NOW’s silence during the Clinton sex scandals settled this question years ago.

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