Specter Says GOP Moderates Should Have Fought Harder on Abortion Plank

From the story: Sen. Arlen Specter said Tuesday night that moderate Republicans should have done more to ensure that the Republican platform reflected John McCain ’s centrist views on abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

The Pennsylvania Republican, addressing a reception hosted by the Republican Majority for Choice, said McCain does not oppose abortion in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother is in jeopardy—but the GOP platform provides for no exceptions in those instances. And he said the platform does not echo McCain’s support for embryonic stem cell research.

Specter said the platform’s hard anti-abortion position “shocks me. Where are the moderate Republicans when it comes to having some influence on the platform? We have a candidate who is for exceptions for the life of the mother and for rape and incest. So where are they?” Read more...

Specter seems oblivious to the fact that V.P. candidate Sarah Palin, who, from Arlen’s perspective is “hard right” on abortion, has energized the Republican Party in a way that Arlen or other “moderates” could never achieve.

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