Presbyterian (USA) Employees Join Fete For Iran's President

From the story: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – who says the holocaust never occurred, calls for the annihilation of Israel and is moving toward a nuclear arsenal – [was] the guest of honor in Manhattan [Thursday night] at a dinner meeting co-sponsored by the World Council of Churches.

Three employees of the Presbyterian Church (USA) – Joel Hanisek, PCUSA representative to the United Nations; Sara Lisherness, director of Peace and Justice Ministry, and Catherine Gordon of the PCUSA UN Office [were] in attendance.

United Church of Christ renewal leader David Runnion-Bareford, executive director of the confessing movement in the UCC and president of the Association for Church Renewal, called on the sponsors of the dinner to cancel their plans.

"It is an outrage that Christian leaders would so abjectly sacrifice justice for peace by feting a known murderer, anti-Semite, and international criminal," he said in a press release. "There is documented evidence that Ahmadinejad is a holocaust denier who has supported the killing of innocent civilians in Israel, killed and tortured political opponents personally, executed children and sponsored legislation about to be finalized this week which will criminalize conversion to Christianity in Iran." Read more....

Oh, how I wish my denomination would try to show a modicum of good judgment…..

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