Normally I do not use my blog to quote an entire commentary from another source, but this is so tragic, so vile, so very evil, I have no choice other than to share the despicable acts of a single abortionist who was literally caught dumping bodies as though they were nothing more than soiled tissue paper. The following report comes from Rock for Life :

Dumpster dive at abortion clinic yields horrific findOver the course of a month, pro-lifers involved with Citizens for a Pro-Life Society have run an organized campaign of snatching bags of trash from WomanCare clinic in Lathrup, Michigan. WomanCare is part of a chain of six abortion clinics run by abortionist Alberto Hodari. The CPLS investigation yielded a horrific find: unshredded medical records, improperly disposed biological waste and the remains of several aborted children!

The group alerted the police, who raided the clinic dumpster on Monday, using hazardous materials gear to haul away the blood-soaked trash bags.Dr. Monica Miller, who organized the CPLS dumpster investigation, says she has been digging through abortion clinic dumpsters for years to rescue the remains of aborted babies and ensure that they are given a proper burial. She has been given a guarantee by the local police that they will allow her to bury the aborted babies who were recently removed. Because no one told her to stay off the property, she will not be charged for going through the dumpsters on private property.

Linked is the report Dr. Miller made to the police, provided courtesy of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee:

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