Though the relationship is nothing like the one he has with Wright. James Meeks is a delegate pledged to Obama. (FOX News)

Meanwhile, Steyn tears into Obama’s arguments defending Wright. (NRO)

From Victor Davis Hanson: For some bizarre reason, Obama aimed his speech at winning praise from National Public Radio, the New York Times, and Harvard, and solidifying an already 90-percent solid African-American base — while apparently insulting the intelligence of everyone else. (NRO)

From Novak: In rejecting the racist views of his longtime spiritual mentor but not disowning him, Obama has unwittingly enhanced his image as the African-American candidate -- not just a remarkable candidate who happens to be black. That poses a racial dilemma for unelected super-delegates, who as professional politicians will pick the winner since neither Obama nor Clinton can win enough elected delegates to be nominated. (RealClearPolitics)

From Maureen Dowd: Hillary got a boost from the wackadoodle Jeremiah Wright. As a top pol noted, the Reverend turned Obama - in the minds of some working-class and crossover white voters - from "a Harvard law graduate into a South Side Black Panther." (IHT)

From Harry R. Jackson: …the Church must lead the way in solving the problem of race in America. My loyalty to biblical faith is greater than my allegiance to my ethnic group. Many ministers under 40 years of age share my feeling, while those over 60 are often entrenched in an antiquated, old school, civil rights mindset. (Townhall)

A daily tracking poll shows Obama’s lead gone. (Rasmussen)

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