He said she is trying “to deceive the American people just so that they can win this election.” (Washington Post) Who's "they?"

Gallup has Obama back on top nationally by two. (Gallup) Democrats fret over the battle to come. (ABC News) One paper says it could be a bloodbath. (Times Online)

From Andrew Sullivan: The Clintons have always had a touch of the zombies about them: unkillable, they move relentlessly forward, propelled by a bloodlust for Republicans or uppity Democrats who dare to question their supremacy. You can’t escape; you can’t hide; and you can’t win. And these days, in the kinetic pace of the YouTube campaign, they are like the new 28 Days Later zombies. They come at you really quickly, like bats out of hell. Or Ohio, anyway. (Times Online) Obama has indicated he won’t be Hillary’s VP. (KUTV)

Delegate count. (CBS News)

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