Near the bottom of the first page of the article, a quick mention that the writers are “domestic partners,” then this: "The more they explored the idea, the more they realized polygamists could embody universal and admirable qualities that define the best family love. "We're very much populists in what we're going for. We don't like cynical…. We want people to fall in love with these characters and to root for this family."

LA Times

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to tell anyone out there with half a brain that polygamy is very hurtful and damaging to the children that don't have a choice and end up being born into this lifestyle. This is an evil way of life full of self gratification for the adults and no thought or care for these poor kids that cant find their way out because of the brainwashing, they believe that it is the only way to get to heaven, when really it is a pretty quick way to get to hell. you don't even have to die first. Spoken with words of experience! I was one of those children. I got out but I have siblings that are stuck because they are so brainwashed! If you really want to live this life style, then invest in birth control so that you dont have children that have to live with your choices for the rest of their lives! Hollywood is going to show a diffrent story. If you want to know the truth go put a hidden camera in a polygamist home and see what hell is really like. No man would choose it if he saw it for how it really is!