Wal-Mart Must Stock 'Morning-After' Pill

CNSNews.com - A pro-abortion group is praising the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy for its unanimous decision requiring all Wal-Mart stores in the state to stock the "morning-after" pill.

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts said it is "delighted" over the state board's decision in favor of three women who challenged the store for refusing to carry the emergency contraception in its pharmacies."This decision reflects the values of fairness and privacy that a vast majority of Massachusetts residents support," said NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Executive Director Melissa Kogut in a statement.

She said the pharmacy board did "the right thing."Kogut called on all Wal-Mart stores throughout the nation to dispense the Plan B emergency contraception "and replace its current policy of discrimination with one that puts women's health first."


The Unseen One said...

So I guess when it comes to murder of children, such petty concepts as "Freedom" go right out the window, eh?

Anonymous said...

so what about the health of this unborn baby?

Rob said...

If you look back in Powerblog's archives, you'll find that Powerball checked with a pharmacist. Plan B does not cause an abortion by preventing implantation: it prevents ovulation and fertilization. A fertilized egg can still implant with Plan B, and an implanted fertilized egg will not be sloughed off any more than normal.

Yes, many Catholics are opposed to contraception, which this is. That is their right. Not all Christians agree with the Catholic church on that, though.

But it is not murdering a child. There is a profound difference.

If Wal-Mart did not want to stock Plan B, then why are they stocking condoms and contraceptives?

Rob of UnSpace

~Mark said...

If the heads of Wal Mart have any sense they shut those stores down and show the truth about where the power lies. This is still supposed to be a free country where a business can choose to sell or avoid selling anything that it doesn't want, as long as that store isn't on the government payroll in any way. Cave in to this kind of demand in even the smallest way and rest assured, it's only the beginning.

If the threaten to close the Massachusetts stores, this WILL go away. If they cave to this, their independance is done.

Shaun Pierce said...

A bit of clarification here. As to my earlier posts, Plan B does not affect a fertilized egg that is already attached to the uterus, according to Plan B's Web site.

However, not all experts agree on that claim.

We have three differnt rights to consider. The right of the patient, the right of the pharmacist and the right of the company.

I think Mark hit the nail on the head. Wal Mart should have the right to stock or not stock any legal product it wishes. However, I would not be in favor of forcing them to do so through some government control.

Rob said...


According to your earlier posts and according to the latest research, it also doesn't affect implantation of a fertilized egg. Your pharmacists agreed on that point and everyone I've checked with who is familiar with the research agrees.

The controversy is like the controversy over evolution, global warming, and cigarettes causing cancer.

Thomas Dodds said...

The controversy is like the controversy over evolution, global warming, and cigarettes causing cancer.

Right. Cigarettes don't cause cancer.

The Unseen One said...

I was just about to ask that too, Thomas. Rob, are you saying you don't believe that cigarettes cause cancer???