Reauthorize the PATRIOT Act

Last week the U.S. Senate voted to extend the PATRIOT ACT for five more weeks while discussions continue about some of the provisions within the bill. I feel strongly that we must reauthorize the PATRIOT Act in its current form as it has been a critical tool in protecting our nation from future terrorist attacks.

The PATRIOT Act, which was enacted shortly after September 11, 2001, has:

Allowed for investigators to use the same tools to investigate terror threats that are already being used to investigate organized crime and drug trafficking.

Removed the legal barriers that prevented law enforcement, intelligence and national security communities from sharing information and working in coordination.

Updated the law to reflect new technologies and new threats

Increased penalties for those who commit terrorist crimes

Democrats and Republicans alike have acknowledged the importance of this legislation, and we must ensure that a strong bill comes out of the negotiations in the weeks ahead. I intend to work closely with my colleagues so that the PATRIOT Act is equipped with the tools to protect our Nation from future terrorist attacks.

Posted by Rick Santorum

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