Swann Missed Votes

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Lynn Swann didn't vote in 20 of the state's 36 elections in the past 18 years, a newspaper reported today, citing voting records from his home county.

The elections Mr. Swann missed included votes for governor, U.S. senator and president, and 13 of his own party's primaries, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

In an October 2004 interview with the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Mr. Swann had said, "I have always been someone to believe that when you have certain freedoms, you should exercise them and not take it for granted. If you don't take part in the process and you don't vote, then I am not willing to listen to your complaints."

The Inquirer said Allegheny County voting records showed Mr. Swann voted by absentee ballot in the general election a month later, but missed the GOP primary earlier that year when U.S. Sen. Arlen narrowly turned back a challenge by U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey.

Mr. Swann didn't vote at all in 2003, the newspaper said.



Anonymous said...

This is just the begining of Swann's troubles. He also did not know how Roe v. Wade worked on ABC morning news show.

The Unseen One said...

If this is the best they've got on Swann, looks like we'll have a new Gov. soon.

Thomas Dodds said...

Look at his quote:

If you don't vote then don't complain.

He didn't vote nor is he complaining.

There is no issue here. A citizen is free to vote or not to vote.

He also did not know how Roe v. Wade worked on ABC morning news show.

I submit that a large number of the population doesn't know what Roe v Wade really is and how it is supposed to work. Thank the lobbyists and the media...

The Unseen One said...

Also notice how Roe V Wade works on a medical privacy issue, but that doesn't seem to apply to people like Limbaugh, does it?

Thomas Dodds said...

True enough ... again it shows that either people don't know what RVW's puriopse is/was - or they have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the turht of the matter.

I suspect much of the latter to be the case. It is more apparent that today's society wuold like to eliminate the phenomenon of consequence.

Shaun Pierce said...

I would bet that most people know very little about Roe v Wade. It's been so distorted over the years to the point where it's now the basis for abortion on demand.

Granted, I want my Governor to be as informed as possible. I also think it's important for all people to vote.

I would like to know who Mr. Swann plans on including as part of his team. If he is surrounded by good, knowledgable people, I think the areas where he is not as strong will not be a large issue.

Thomas Dodds said...

I also think it's important for all people to vote.

But it can't be mandatory ... Swann has his own reasons for not voting - I see no issue whether he, specifically, has voted or not.

Perhaps he is of the principle that to choose the lesser of two evils is nonetheless choosing evil.