Please Help

Planting a church in China can be accomplished through your generous gift of just $75. 101.5 WORD-FM is teaming up with Trans World Radio to reach people throughout China with programs that introduce Christ, edify and disciple believers, and train up the next generation of pastors.

The "home church kit" consists of a radio for Chinese Christians to pick up the Trans World Radio programs being beamed into mainland China from Guam, program guides, a Mandarin Bible, and Bible study aides. It allows these brothers and sisters to learn more about God in their homes, without having to meet in public and face persecution.

To be a vital part of what God is doing in China, call our operators, toll-free,
1-866-496-7336 (2/22-2/24, 3-6pm) or 800-464-9414 (all other hours).
Or, click here to make a pledge on line. Be sure to tune in to 101.5 WORD-FM for additional information and stories about the good work of Trans World Radio!

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