Jesus would back my plan, Rendell says

What would Jesus do about Pennsylvania's health care crisis? He'd vote for Gov. Ed Rendell's universal health care plan. So would Moses and Muhammad. That's what Rendell told a crowd who rallied in Harrisburg yesterday in support of his "Prescription for Pennsylvania." He urged them to flood their legislators with demands to approve the plan. Read More

I'm sure he would want to talk about your "pro-choice" stance as well Ed.

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The Unseen One said...

You know... I'm looking through my bible, and while I see a lot of what Jesus spoke about concerning helping the poor, I don't see anything having to do with government force, nor forcibly taking from people who have made good choices in life to give to those who make poor choices!

Government proposing itself as the solution to health care problems is like a fox proposing himself as the solution to chickens disappearing from the henhouse. You want to help healthcare costs? Put a cap on lawsuits!!!

My bio-mom is a female gynecologist in Washington DC. She has a waiting list of MONTHS! She pays more in malpractice insurance premiums per year than I make pre-tax as a senior level IT professional!

But no one wants to put a cap on lawsuits. Everyone complains about it, but they don't want to strike it down just in case it is one day their turn to suck from the lawsuit teat!

Sharks don't eat trial lawyers out of professional courtesy.