Rendell's 6.17% oil profits tax to bail out transit is called viable

With gasoline prices soaring, a liberal-leaning think tank on Wednesday called for the Legislature to approve Gov. Ed Rendell's proposed oil profits tax that several economists say would be passed along in higher prices at the pumps. Read More


The Unseen One said...

HOLY CRAP!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLES' BRAINS?!?!? Or do they just think WE are that stupid??? Apparently, given that a spokesman for Rendell basically said that we were too stupid to vote ourselves a tax increase.

Right now, we should be CUTTING taxes on gas! Does he want to drive ALL BUSINESS AND PEOPLE OUT OF PA???

Powerball said...

It is clear you don't grasp the genius of this plan. With gas prices high and more taxes on top of that, more people will be forced to ride the bus. That means that revenue will rise while we punish those selfish SUV drivers that are killing the planet.

Why fight it? Get your bus pass, wipe with one sheet of toilet paper and stop complaining.

WThat hurts just to think that way!

The Unseen One said...

Sharon Ward, the head of the group that did the study, says that 90% of the tax would be shouldered by the stockholders.

If I wasn't a Christian, I'd ask for some of what SHE'S smoking!