Nanny State Reps on the March

Ban Metal Bats In Organized Baseball and Softball
(Philadelphia Inquirer) A Pennsylvania lawmaker who had a worrisome revelation on the first-base line at his son's Little League game wants to ban metal bats in organized baseball and softball, from the high school level down. Read more..
Shouldn’t this be a league decision, not requiring state intervention?

Ban MP3 Players and Cell Phones at School
(Harrisburg Patriot News) When the Central Dauphin School District locked down two schools this week after threats of violence, a number of parents first learned of the scares from text messages their children sent from cell phones. That could change under a bill introduced by a Philadelphia lawmaker. The proposal would make it illegal in Pennsylvania for students in almost all circumstances to carry cell phones to school, to school activities or on school buses. Read more..
Shouldn’t this be a school district’s decision, not requiring state intervention?

Ban Trucks Passing other Trucks
(Post Gazette) Pa State Senator Gennleaf’s bill, Senate Bill 369, would restrict truckers to the right-hand lane of the highways, even if a truck doing less than 60 was already traveling in that lane. In other words, the faster truck wouldn’t be allowed to pass the slower truck. Read more…
Good luck enforcing this one. No mention of banning cars that “hog” the passing lane.

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The Unseen One said...

Welcome to Nannyvania!
We are already too stupid and irresponsible to buy beer or wine at a grocery store, drive without a seatbelt, or swim without a lifeguard. Pretty soon it will be illegal to smack ourselves in the head.